Presenting Tridion

A few months ago I gave the following presentation inside the RSPB. I thought it might be useful as a primer on Tridion so I’ve posted it here.

Shot of Tridion presentation

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  1. Nice deck. Couple of criticisms:
    Queuing hasn’t been based on MSMQ for ages. Was that 5.1? Somewhere back in the mists of time anyway.
    C# is the only language? No – assembly TBBs can be written in any .NET language. I haven’t come across it, but VB.Net would be a good candidate (if only for XML literals)
    Can’t use Tridion for lots of small sites (too expensive) – Well it depends. I’ve seen it used in a SaaS model. It would all depend on your license agreement. But sure – mostly Tridion is for the enterprise.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Dominic. Regarding C#, that was a reference to the presentation side. I’ll update it.

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