Creme Cycles Vinyl Limited Edition

Creme create some of the coolest city bikes around. Based in Poland, Creme cycles are designed and handbuilt with love for materials, details and craftsmanship. The Caferacer Man Ltd Heritage is manufactured from high-end Tange Prestige cromoly tubes and lugs. It features a maintenance-free 8 speed¬†internal hub,¬†a Creme Stainless Steeel Bottle, Excellent Pump and a […]

Three SEO techniques to avoid on bilingual Welsh websites

Here are three search engine optimisation (SEO) practices that won’t serve you well on a Welsh-language website. As if SEO weren’t complicated enough, these three techniques can be positively harmful in a Welsh context. Proceed with caution. 1. Avoid geo-targeting Most advice in this area assumes that the different languages on your website correspond to […]