Measuring webpage engagement with pes.js

For a long time I’ve wanted a way to measure arbitrary website engagement – a way to give individual pages a score out of 100, so that as a site owner I have some clue about which pages are performing better than others.

I’m sure there must be products like this out there but I’ve not come across them, so I wrote a basic “plugin” for Google Analytics to do it.

I call it Page Engagement Score, or pes.js.

With pes.js you can give any clickable element on your page a value. As a user interacts with the page, the things they click on contribute to that page’s score. Then, when the user leaves the page, a calculated score out of 100 is sent to Google Analytics.

Simply add a data attribute to any element you want to measure:

<a href="#" data-pes-value="50">I'm worth 50 arbitrary points</a>

I’m not sure how useful it’s going to be yet. I’ve put it on Github so anyone can snigger at my mediocre JavaScript skills enjoy it.

Why not give it a try?